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Branding 101: Brand vs Logo

Or in other words: Brand vs Branding…

I always love starting my branding project presentations with a mini explainatiom about brands and logos. It is extreemly common for people to get them mixed up. For everyone who is not into design or marketing and has still not launched their own business with the help of a design agency, then the words: brand, logo, design, brand identity will be assumed to be a mere synonym for the word Logo.

Ever heard of the phrase: “A brand is not it’s logo”? Well, it is very true.

The way I like to differentiate “Brand” from “Logo” is through the following:

A “Brand” is a feeling, an emotion and a connection with your audiences. It’s how everyone feels about your business, your product or service. It’s the experience they go through when they walk into your shop or try your food. It’s even the feelings they have when scrolling through your instagram page and skimming through your website. A Brand is also your reputation.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Meanwhile, a “Logo” is your marketing tool. It is the icon/visual that is linked to your business’s name. Let’s say it’s your business in visual form. A “Logo” is part of your “Branding”.

Branding” is the look that your business has and honestly it is the first thing that will attract your customers to you. It is your business’s first impression using sight.

Something I find myself telling everyone when they’re briefing designers on the logo that they aspire to have is that “you can have an amazing kick butt logo, but your customer services, or actual services, is flawed and not as amazing as your logo. Then that doesn’t make your brand successful.”

No matter how pretty your logo is, it will not protect you from a bad review or help you keep all your customers happy. How many times have I heard “I want a logo just like Mcdonalds or Nike”… Their logo didn’t make them… Their services and products made these A Class Brands who they are today.

“Products are made in the Factory, But Brands are created in the Mind” – Walter Landor

Branding your business is part of creating your brand. Brand Identity is the visuals linked to your business. This includes colors, fonts, logo, icons, graphic elements, patterns and photographic style.

In short, the difference between Brand and Branding is:

Your “Brand” is intangible. It is a feeling and experience.

This is completely in the hands and control of your business, client services and product.

Your “Branding” or “Logo” is tangible.

It is the visual side – the face of your brand. This is in the hands of your designer.

Good luck, and happy branding!


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