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"Fajer" by Kooheji Jewellery

Unless you have been living in a cave for the passed 65 years, then you probably heard of Kooheji Jewellery.

Kooheji Jewellery has been a master of their domain when it comes to jewellery and diamonds before I was even even born.

2017 marked the 65th year anniversary of their establishment in the Saudi and Bahraini market and what better way to celebrate than launching their very own designed and customized Jewellery line.

We were approached by their Marketing Team to work on this project and our first task was naming the line. Our brief was to create a unique story tying the design, name and background together just by looking at the breath taking pieces shown to us. I won't lie, my brain was stunned by the sparkle and beauty of the pieces, it took me a few min to recollect and actually get my creative brain working.

That’s exactly what we did…

Now you know I do not usually write about the projects I work on, but when I fall in love with something, I will promote it with all my might.

The name we chose was “Fajer” which worked very well to their advantage:

  • “Fajer” means “Dawn” in Arabic

  • Resembling the start of new beginnings and a new journey for the company and their clients

  • Not to mention that the pieces were designed to imitate morning light’s sparkle (which I LOVE)

The logo was designed by staying true to our Arab heritage. We insisted on cretaing the logo using beautiful Arabic calligraphic lines. The shape is intentionally circular in order to depict the circle of the sun. The dots in the logo are taken from the original Kooheji Jewellery logo itself. [I also had the pleasure of designing their 65th anniversary logo and their stunning solitaire catalogue, but that's a story for another time].

The story board was written and supervised by us as well. The story targets all 4 generations of clients whom are loyal to the Kooheji brand. They are strong women of all ages who in the video show that they are celebrating their life’s milestones with the beautiful “Fajer” collection in hand.

The beauty of working with Kooheji Jewellery was that they are super proud of the trust and bond they have built with their clients. I just had to find a way to show this in their video promo. It is a bond that never was broken, and hopefully never will. People trust them blindly, which is insanely unique in today’s business world.

I had the pleasure in teaming up with Red Scarf Marketing and Sergio Halabi in working on this fabulous project.

The collection was officially launched at the Kooheji Jewellery Stand at the Jewellery Arabia 2017 Exhibition in Bahrain by Waleed Al Kooheji, chairman, during a press conference attended by local and regional Media. Jewellery Arabia is the largest annual and most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Middle East, showcasing world famous names and unique designers from across the globe.

The collection is now available in all Kooheji branches across Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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