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12 ways to get fired as a Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer in Bahrain (and today's world) forces you to wear many hats. Even though you are getting paid to have one head. Here is my slightly realistic list of ways to tick your boss off and lose your job as a Graphic Designer. Enjoy!

  1. Leave on time

  2. Keep your scope of work limited to what is stated, mutually agreed and signed upon in your contract

  3. Refuse to go to design presentations (that’s what the creative director / art director / account managers are for)

  4. Refuse to bring in new clients / referrals / leads (that’s the business developer / sales job)

  5. Don’t answer work emails after working hours (better yet, don't even sync it to your smart phone)

  6. Don’t answer your boss’s calls after working hours

  7. Follow up on your overtime (even if it is mentioned in your contract) – if you do stay late though

  8. Convince your client why you believe he should choose your design

  9. Convince the client / account manager / sales that you know more about the design world than him

  10. Refuse to take images of Google

  11. When asked: “Can you get this done by tonight?” reply with “no.”

  12. Don’t make the logo bigger

If you are a designer who is fed up and you also have your own tips to share, leave a comment below and I will add them to this blog :) Sharing is caring!

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