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Focus and clear vision are the fundamentals to any successful individual. Right?

I have clear vision and know exactly what I want to do, but staying focused is maybe one of the hardest things for me. It’s an irritating weakness.

There is just so much I want to do and accomplish, but so little time in the day to get everything done. 24hrs just isn’t enough!

At the moment I am working and trying to focus on so much and I love it. Being a full time mom, running The Little Design Shop, managing my graphic design work, launching a new business… Not to forget my poor husband who gets dragged into all of my ideas! Oh and the guilt that one thing is taking too much of my attention than the other...

All of this does make me lose focus on each thing going on in my life. It's frustrating. I wish it could be faster. But the funny part is that I still search and scoop more into my bowl intentionally. Workaholic much? I HATE that term. It bothers me… But maybe.

I have so many projects in my head screaming to come out! Taking things one step at a time is something I learned the hard way. I hate it, but I’m trying to do it cause apparently “that’s the way things should be done”.

Those who know me, know how fast I talk. Talking slower is one of the things which therapy taught me a few years back. My brain’s speed of thought is faster than my words. Which naturally is a problem. I diagnosed it as “over excitement syndrome” in topics i speak about or the proper term would be “impatience”.

I decided to share with you a few tips which I have ventured and experimented with, and to my surprise it actually works - who thought being organized actually works :)

• Write down what needs to get done today:

Keep a journal close at hand. Put down everything that needs to be accomplished, include time, date, location and whatever it is that you need to push through.

• Communicate:

Communicate with yourself. Don't go into marshal mode and troop through your day. Speak to your partner, coworker, kids, family members and keep people in the loop of your daily adventures. This will help you take a breather, rewire your thoughts and they can also help in pointing things out which you have not noticed. This will also help you stay on track incase you missed something that needs to be done.

• Breath:

Stop and have a coffee. Sit a few extra minutes in the car and finish that song... stop rushing. I think to me, this is the most important one of all. Taking a breather and giving yourself a break is self love. It will also make you realize how much you have done on that day or the week and help you appreciate yourself and your efforts.

• Make time for yourself:

At the end of the day, when all the errands are done, get in your pjs, get your tea on and just unwind. Wether its by watching a movie, reading a book or meditating. Unwind and take care of your mental wellbeing. If you get sick, depressed or worn out, then you will not be able to take care of your daily your business or maintain any sort of social connection with anyone. You come first. Everything else can wait.

I honestly believe that any woman who is able to find a balance in being a good wife, with kids and a business to run is a superhero. It’s super hard (impossible sometimes) but super satisfying at the same time, otherwise no one would do it.

We each have our weaknesses, mine is focus (and patience). What’s yours?

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