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The F&B Name Crisis

Ok, so I exaggerated a little bit with the term crisis.. I just needed to grab your attention.

I’ve got a bone to pick with the food and beverage industry in Bahrain (and wherever else this issue arises).

If you plan to open a shop and name it “House of Socks” then you cannot sell bedroom furniture (even though they will both end up in the bedroom). Same with food! You can not name the café anything you want to, just because the food will still end up in my hungry tummy.

I will use Le Chocolat as an example to explain my point.

I remember when my husband and I heard that Le Chocolat opened years ago in Bahrain, the name alone excited us. We imagined chocolate to be an ingredient in everything served. Forget the cakes and sweets. We are talking about the savory items. Chocolate shavings, pieces or sauces on your steak, salad, sandwiches…. WOW!

Alas, it was not.

Chocolate isn’t a part of their dishes at all. Yes they have the best cakes in town, one cannot deny that. But why chose a name, which does not reflect the nature of what they are selling. IF they were selling only desserts, then fine. But they are not. Most of the time I go there either to have lunch, or to pick up a cake. Their savory menu is delicious by the way… I totally recommend Le Chocolat for lunch.

But the name will forever make me crave a steak with chocolate sauce!

Same story with so many other cafés and restaurants in Bahrain.

To me, it is so important that the name matches the theme or food you are going to have or serve.

When choosing a name for your restaurant, if you feel you do not want to follow a theme and you want to have an international or non-specific menu, then do not give your business a “themed” name. It’s all about the first impression to your audience. Choose well.

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