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The Pantone Color Of The Year 2017 Is Called ‘Greenery’

It’s that time of the year again, and the good ol’ folks at Pantone have announced the color of the year for 2017. This time, there is a message behind it. If it weren’t for the purpose behind the choice, I would have rolled my eyes and forgot about its existence by breakfast.

So, here it is:

2016 was a sad, sad year. Despair covered the world like a cloak of sadness; we lost talented humans dear to our hearts, such as David Bowie, Alan Rickman (I sob) and others. We witnessed the dramatic killing of Harambe the gorilla, and WORST of all, the 10s of thousands who are dying in Syria. Heartbreaking videos of innocent Syrian children spread across the internet like wild fire on an almost daily basis. Oh, and I almost forgot a minor detail: Trump's election. Love him or hate him, his election rumbled the Earth's core.

With all that said, the global color authority, a.k.a. Pantone, have declared ‘Greenery’ to be THE color of 2017. This particular shade of green has been crowned as the hue that everyone will be seeing throughout 2017’s trends for fashion, home décor, logos, packaging, advertising and more, according to the global color authority.

What is ‘Greenery’?

Pantone 15-0343, known as ‘greenery’ is a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.”

Why choose ‘Greenery’?

Pantone describes the bright green shade as “refreshing and revitalizing” and “symbolic of new beginnings.”

“We know what kind of world we are living in: one that is stressful and very tense,” said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “This is the color of hopefulness, and of our connection to nature. It speaks to what we call the ‘re’ words: regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew. Every spring we enter a new cycle and new shoots come from the ground. It is something life affirming to look forward to.”

How to use ‘Greenery’?

When asked about how one might incorporate ‘Greenery’ into one’s daily life, Eiseman suggested to the Times, “There’s a Japanese concept called ‘forest bathing,’ which says that when you are feeling stressed, one of the best things to do is go walk in the forest. But if you can’t do that, what can you do? Bring green into your environment. Put in on your body, or in y

our house or near your desk. That symbolic message is very important.”


I myself am excited to see how big brands (World Wide and in Bahrain) plan to incorporate this bold color into their branding. I may actually consider using this zesty shade in a few of my designs in 2017. It will provide me with a nice back-story to tell my clients while pitching.

As Pantone puts it, “Greenery offers us self-assurance and boldness to live life on our own terms, during a time when we are redefining what makes us successful and happy.”


What do you think of ‘Greenery’? Will you be adding it to your life?

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