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"صوت الرشاد" Coffee Book

It’s been a while since I designed something I was proud of. Proud enough to dedicate a blog just for this occasion.

“صوت الرشاد” is a coffee book I designed a few days ago for Abu Dhabi’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The project was handed over to me and managed by a very dear friend of mine from Ghayaat Creative, Bahrain.

We crunched time and went against all odds but eventually we did it in time for the Annual Abu Dhabi Book Fair!

The book speaks about many stories circulating around our dear Arabic Coffee and its origins. From the time the plant blooms till it reaches our cups in the majalis.

“صوت الرشاد” makes the perfect gift to any proud arabic coffee lover! This book covers it all and includes humorous short tales of Coffee and the esthetics behind the Arabic cup we all love and enjoy today.

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